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Whole Body Vibration and the Benefits In The Frontal Plane

You’ve probably seen them or possibly used one yourself. We’re talking about those whole body vibrating platform devices used in:

  • Fitness centers

  • Athletic training rooms

  • And physical therapy offices

The rationale behind whole body vibration machines is to perform exercises while the device vibrates at an assortment of set levels at a swinging intensity.

The manufactured vibration from the whole body vibration machine stimulates the receptors in the muscle, thus causing them to work harder. Put together with the performance of an exercise such as a push up or squat, more muscle fibers are recruited and fatigued.

Therefore, as a result, more muscle fibers are trained.

Whole Body Vibration Training and Postural Stability

A four-week study on posture, published in 2014 in PLOS ONE, was completed on four groups of young men males to determine both the short - and long-term effects of whole body vibration. Three of the four groups exercised on a vibration platform with different numerical parameters. The subjects were then exposed to whole body vibration therapy three times each week.

A stabilograph (a device that measures body sway) was used pre-study, following a single whole-body vibration session, post-study immediately following the last prescribed set of exercises after four weeks, and one week after all whole body vibration training ended.

Over the long term, vibration training remarkably shortened rambling and trembling motions in a frontal plane. The lengths of these motions went down drastically following the one-week post-study.

The value change of the center of pressure path lengths in both sagittal and frontal planes were statistically insignificant.

Based on these results, researchers concluded that long-term whole body vibration training actually does help improve posture stability of young men in the frontal plane.

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