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Two Incredible Ways A Whole Body Vibration Machine Can Benefit Men

Even though women are more likely to decide on a Whole Body Vibration Machine over traditional strength exercises, this form of training is also quite suitable for men.

Studies have recently displayed that exercising on a Whole Body Vibration Machine influences hormonal levels in males, and can contribute to increased muscle strength and power, the effects of this physical activity being comparable to those generated by explosive power training.

Effective Muscle Activation For Mass Gains With A Whole Body Vibration Machine

Exercising on a Whole Body Vibration Machine induces vibrations and oscillations within all the tissues of our body, and is a very distinct way of increasing the exposure to gravity and the load on muscles and bones without lifting weights. The type of Whole Body Vibration Machine used and the frequency and G-force settings determine the degree to which the Whole Body Vibration Machine training effects are actually experienced.

When standing on a Whole Body Vibration Machine, the repetitive upward movement sends pulses of energy up through the body and causes it to accelerate upwards. These pulses create an effect comparable to the elevator that moves upwards, and make your body feel heavier.

The acceleration is felt by your body as a resistance force that is applied upwards instead of downwards, and is typically referred to as G-force. The value of the G-force is added to the value of Earth’s gravity, so generally the load on your body is much greater when you exercise on a Whole Body Vibration Machine at 3G’s, 5G’s or 10 G's even if you don’t lift any weight.

When your muscle reflexes are activated by the energy pulses sent from the Whole Body Vibration Machine, the fibers contract and relax involuntary, the strength of muscle contraction depending on the strength of the vibrations coming up from the Whole Body Vibration Machine.

Through this effect, a Whole Body Vibration Machine forces your muscles and joints to work harder for stabilizing the body, maintaining balance, coordinating the movements and performing the various exercises. These result in increased muscle stimulation and energy expenditure.

So the first reason men should give a Whole Body Vibration Machine a try is that this form of physical activity can help them strengthen their muscles, burn more energy and build a lean and athletic body through intense workouts.

Increased Power And Better Performance

Overall, a Whole Body Vibration Machine training increases muscle strength and power, helping you perform better in your daily activities and sports competitions. Although it takes time to build muscle mass and improve stamina and athletic performance, you can see an improvement in power or the ability to help create force quickly after a single session of Whole Body Vibration Machine training.

Thanks to this effect, a Whole Body Vibration Machine is highly recommended before a competition or workout if you want to jump higher, sprint faster or hit a ball further. Also, it’s a great solution for improving your balance and reducing the risk of falls and injuries.

When the machine sends vibration pulses through your body, some of the energy is absorbed by tissues and converted to heat, and rhythmic muscle contractions are triggered. This warms up your muscles and joints, preparing your body to operate better and increasing the circulation of blood and lymph.

Although in the long run the effects are similar to other forms of weight-bearing exercises, high speed vibration gets you to a growth-stimulating level of muscle activation faster and with less conscious effort.

It is therefore a less energy-taxing solution for warming up and maximizing the results of a workout session. Plus, the body requires less time to recover after a Whole Body Vibration Machine workout than it does after a conventional weight lifting session.

A Whole Body Vibration Machine has been shown to cause clear metabolic responses similar to conventional exercises, and to have beneficial effects on the levels of various hormones, among which cortisol, testosterone and growth hormone.

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