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Four Questions About Whole Body Vibration Machines To Ask

Whole Body Vibration Machines and this form of training and therapy has been around for quite some time now, and has been used not only in health centers or hospitals, for scientific purposes, but in addition, as well in sports competitions, to help athletes perform better or recover faster.

Furthermore, Whole Body Vibration is an innovative type of training which is safe for all age groups, and for people with an assortment of conditions and fitness levels. Additionally, it has been discovered to:

  • Exert positive effects in kids with motion problems

  • In healthy and active teens and adults

  • As well as in seniors

Regardless of your age, there are surely exercises that you can safely practice on a Whole Body Vibration Machine.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t use a Whole Body Vibration Machine?

This is one of the most crucial questions to start with, although Whole Body Vibration Machines is generally safe, there are a few contraindications for this form of training.

Take into consideration that Whole Body Vibration Machines are not suggested for pregnant women, or to people with pacemakers, and may not be the best answer for those with acute inflammation, acute back pain, knee or hip replacement, epilepsy, thrombosis, diabetic ulcers or recent infections.

Make sure to check with your trainer and with your physician before joining a Whole Body Vibration Machine training program.

Are Whole Body Vibration Machine exercise results Instant?

The honest answer is that Whole Body Vibration Machines create instant results, if we’re referring to drastic changes in body shape, strength or stamina.

Nonetheless, there might be temporary results that can be experienced right away after a Whole Body Vibration Machine workout. For example, if you train your arms and core for 10 minutes, you may feel your muscles burning, and there might be some soreness and more definition, or on the contrary, some swelling just after the workout.

Your circulation may improve temporary and lymph drainage may also be stimulated, so both these may be experienced even with a single whole body vibration machine session. But for long-term results, you will have to commit to whole body vibration and practice it daily, just like you would do with other forms of physical activity.

Can I lose weight by training just on a Whole Body Vibration Machine?

Whole Body Vibration Machine exercises can indeed help with weight lost just as much as conventional strength training, studies displaying that this type of activity is effective in:

  • Preventing the accumulation of fats around the waist

  • In decreasing the amount of visceral fat

  • And in improving body composition by decreasing the body fat percentage

So it is possible to lose weight and improve your appearance by exercising on a Whole Body Vibration Machine, but it depends on the frequency and intensity of your workouts as well.

Regular whole body vibration training sessions can help reduce cellulite and improve your skin tone, muscle strength and definition, and can help you create a leaner and slimmer body. But you shouldn’t expect any major change in your appearance if you just exercise every now and then.

In addition, research has discovered Whole Body Vibration Machine exercises to generate similar effects to conventional strength training, but the time spent exercising is usually lower, so a Whole Body Vibration Machine is more time-efficient. Also, it can be safer for people who can’t lift weights or do intense cardio exercises, and for those who don’t have that much flexibility or mobility due to various conditions.

What benefits can I expect from training regularly on a Whole Body Vibration Machine?

The list of health and fitness benefits you can expect from training routinely on your Whole Body Vibration Machine is impressive for sure.

Here are some of these benefits from Whole Body Vibration Machines:

  • improved energy and endurance

  • improved focus and cognitive performance

  • better mood

  • stronger bones and muscles

  • more muscle definition and a fitter body

  • decrease in cellulite appearance

  • improved fluid elimination and lymphatic function

  • improved skin appearance

  • improved muscle tone

  • decreased back pain

  • improved posture

  • better athletic performance

  • stronger core and back muscles, and lower risk of spine deformities

  • increased bone mineral density and lower risk of osteoporosis

  • better coordination

  • better blood circulation

  • improved mobility and flexibility

  • improved metabolic rate and energy consumption

  • faster recovery from injuries

  • reduced joint stiffness

  • reduced stress levels

  • improved hormone production and so on

A handful of these benefits can be experienced with conventional exercises as well, so it’s up to you to choose which form of physical activity you want to include in your weekly routine.

For best results though, it’s advised to mix cardio and strength exercises, so for example you can do 3 days of cardio then 3 days of strength workouts, and alternate between Whole Body Vibration and conventional weight lifting or bodyweight exercises.

For more health and fitness tips, whole body vibration training ideas, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Updates, and industry news, make sure to follow our blog at:

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