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Three Year Warranty


Most companies warranties require that you pay the freight both ways and that they will fix your original unit.  This may take several weeks to accomplish.

The way we handle your warranty service is much different from most companies. If there is a problem that arises with any unit, we want you to call us right away.  From that phone call we will determine what the problem is and the best way to correct it.  If it is not a simple fix, we simply send you a new unit by FedEx Ground with a prepaid packing label.  When the new one arrives, you put the old one in the box, stick the label over the old and call FedEx to it up to return to our warehouse.  All of this is at no cost to you.

You don’t have to load it up, take it back to a store, wait 4 to 6 weeks for it to be repaired, go back to the store, load it back in your car and then finally take it back in your house. With VibraTrim you just have to wait the transit time from our warehouse in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to your house. FedEx does all of the loading and unloading for you.

Extended 5 Year Warranty


VibraTrim also warrants the electrical motors and frames for an additional 2 years with the same restrictions and exclusions as listed above. This extended warranty does not cover the cost of labor or the pick-up, delivery, or freight charges involved with repairs.


Satisfaction Guarantee

If your new VibraTrim does not meet your expectations, simply return it to us within 90 days for a full refund. No restocking charges. No other Fees. Please call us first so that we can issue you an RMA and advise the warehouse to be on the lookout for your shipment.

VibraTrim stands behind what we sell.
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