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Consumer Health Summit 2016

Consumer Health Summit 2016

I had the tremendous honor and privilege of attending the Consumer Health Summit a few weeks ago in Scottsdale, Arizona. I lived in Scottsdale for a few years, in fact one of my 4 sons, was born there roughly 22.8 years ago. So any excuse to get back to the Valley of The Sun is always welcome. This will be one of the most memorable and transformational visits of my life. The list of attendees was like a Who’s Who in the health and wellness industry.

There were over 80 invited guests each representing unique areas of health and wellness and a shared commitment to creating a better world together. The event was jam-packed with physicians, masterful copy writers, film-makers, entrepreneurs, New York Times best-selling authors, 2 Shark Tank participants, including one Shark Tank disrupt-er! The collective reach of the participants in this room was in the many millions, many, many millions.

One of the most impressive elements of the event was how completely down to earth everyone was, no one was trying to impress anyone else. Everyone was there as a peer, as a friend, as a student of each other. The commitment to growth and learning by these amazing humans was inspiring and a little intimidating 🙂

Of all of the highlights of this event, and there were many, by far the most indelible for me was the opportunity to meet Sean Stephenson and to be completely mesmerized by his presentation.

A few of my favorite points from his talk were –

1. Pain is your teacher. If you aren’t listening, she will keep you after class. 2. Every human being wants to be healed. 3. A full piggy bank makes no noise. ( … I love this one! ) 4. My best talks aren’t from me, they are through me.

If you aren’t familiar with this man , do yourself a favor and check him out and join him in his mission to rid the world of insecurity!

Sean Stephenson

Wishing you a wonderful week and sending you positive vibrations!


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