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How To Use Whole Body Vibration With Scoliosis

Let’s take a look at some cases in which Whole Body Vibration is used in scoliotic patients, to see whether this form of physical therapy can actually serve as a solution for relieving the pain and improving posture of those with Scoliosis.

The Use Of Whole Body Vibration In Scoliosis

Scoliosis is the exaggerated lateral curvature of the spine which generally appears when the spine curves to a side and takes the form similar to a letter C, or when it curves in two different regions and becomes shaped comparable to the letter S. It’s not a disease but it is considered a medical issue that may require meddling treatment.

When the scoliotic spine is previewed from the front, instead of appearing to be straight, such as a healthy spine, is often looks curved. The curvature can be often than not severe and can also affect the alignment of the shoulders and hips, causing:

  • Gait problems

  • Poor posture

  • Pain in the legs and lower back

  • And excessive strain to the back and lower body muscles

Given that Whole Body Vibration is used in other conditions that affect the muscles and bones, and contributes to the strengthening of these tissues and to improved flexibility and posture, it may also be an alternative treatment option for scoliotic patients.

A study published by Asian researchers in the Osteoporosis international journal, which investigated the effects of Whole Body Vibration on bone density and quality in girls with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, included 149 patients between 15 and 25 years old, with low bone mineral density, who were at random assigned to a Whole Body Vibration Machine or control group.

In addition, the Whole Body Vibration Machine group performed Whole Body Vibration exercises at high frequency and low amplitude for 20 minutes per day, 5 days a week, for 1 year. The control group received just medical observation, with no other treatment.

Results displayed that Whole Body Vibration was indeed effective in improving the bone mineral density in the lumbar spine and femoral neck. Furthermore, Whole Body Vibration Therapy may be an effective solution for reducing back pain and muscle stiffness and improving posture in patients affected by scoliosis.

As previously discovered, 10 Whole Body Vibration sessions at a frequency of 25-35 Hz and low magnitude are helpful in improving the flexibility of the spine in a scoliotic patient, improving the extension, lateral flexion and rotation. The impairment caused by scoliosis decreased from 6% to 2%, and the alignment of the shoulders improved.

Even though more studies on the effectiveness of Whole Body Vibration Therapy in scoliotic patients are needed to figure out whether this form of exercise is a viable solution for all types of scoliosis, nonetheless, Whole Body Vibration appears to be effective in strengthening the muscles and loosening the tight tissues, as well as in strengthening the bones, improving flexibility and posture in these patients.

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