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Uncovering the Truth About Whole Body Vibration Machines and Weight Loss

Whole Body Vibration training is clinically supported to:

  • Help users lose weight

  • Change their body composition

  • Gain muscle strength and power

  • And increase flexibility

However, wherever there is progress there will be misinformation, and whole body vibration technology is no exception. Do a search online for “whole body vibration” and the results range from scholarly study reports to ridiculous claims, and they all seem to point in an array of directions.

Answering common misconceptions about Whole Body Vibration Machines:

Will A Whole Body Vibration Machine Help Me Lose Weight From My Hips/Stomach/Arms/Legs?

The concept of losing weight from one spot or another is called spot reduction. Unfortunately, no method of exercise is capable of reducing the amount of fat in just one part of the body.

As a person follows a program of exercise and healthy eating, fat is used for fuel from all over the body. This is simply a function of biology. It is, however, possible to increase muscle in various parts of the body.

For example, performing exercises wherein the hands are placed on a whole body vibration platform, supporting the upper body, will strengthen muscles in the arms and back. Increased muscle can improve the overall appearance of the area, even without losing weight.

Is A Whole Body Vibration Machine Enough To Lose Weight?

Some marketing campaigns and whole body vibration companies try to convince consumers that 10 minutes a day of whole body vibration training, just a few times a week, is all it takes to lose large amounts of weight. This misleading technique appeals to our desire for a quick fix.

10 minutes of whole body vibration training, three times a week, is sufficient for a handful of benefits, including weight loss. However, weight loss won’t occur without a powerful machine that will provide significant exertion, via challenging exercises.

It is also essential to combine this training with a regimen of cardiovascular exercise and healthy eating to reach weight-loss goals.

Is Whole Body Vibration Exercise The Only Thing I Need To Lose Weight?

A Whole Body Vibration Machine has an assortment of benefits:

  • increased muscle power and strength

  • improved circulation

  • muscle warm-up and recovery

  • improved body composition (that means less fat and more muscle!)

  • increased posture

  • improved bone density

  • balance and flexibility

  • massage and relaxation

When making the change from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one, whole body vibration alone may provide a significant weight loss benefit.

For best results, however, it helps to engage in regular cardiovascular exercise like walking, jogging, biking, or other activities that get the heart pumping and the breathing up. Try to work out vigorously enough that you can speak one sentence but not carry on a whole conversation. You should aim for a workout like this on most days of the week.

I Can’t Do Traditional Exercises. What Makes Whole Body Vibration Machines Different?

For a large percentage of people, exercising isn’t as simple as getting up and moving. Chronic pain, significant excess weight, or other medical concerns can make traditional exercise difficult or impossible. A whole body vibration machine allows you to start gently, without exhaustive effort, and progressively increase the stimulation using postures that don’t strain or harm your joints.

The great news is, that whilst best weight loss results will come from combining WBV with some cardiovascular exercise, Whole Body Vibration will still provide weight loss benefits for those for whom traditional forms of cardiovascular exercise like jogging are not preferable or possible.

During intense exercise the stimulus to your muscles, nerves and bones makes your body want to become stronger. By stimulating reflexes and increasing the gravitational load on your body, Whole Body Vibration training helps increase that stimulus without increasing your own conscious effort.

Unlike regular exercise, the Whole Body Vibration machine provides most of the movement for you so there’s no need to be jumping around or having to master difficult poses and procedures. It’s fun and feels great!

Are All Whole Body Vibration Machines The Same?

As with most types of technology, whole body vibration machines vary greatly in style, price, and performance. When selecting a Whole Body Vibration Machine you should think about these factors. Find out the facts and choose for yourself whether whole body vibration training is right for you.

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