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How To Use A Whole Body Vibration Machine To Lose Weight

Most of us want to lose weight, but let’s face the facts, we just don’t know the best way to do it. There are a variety of methods to narrow down, with some being more effective than others. One of the newer, more innovative and proven methods, is exercising on a Whole Body Vibration Machine.

A handful of people are trying to learn how to use Whole Body Vibration Machines to lose weight, as they are easy to use and get results. And after some diligent and careful research, our Whole Body Vibration experts can say with certainty that these Whole Body Vibration Machines are an incredible tool in the battle to lose weight.

Let’s get a few facts straight: a Whole Body Vibration Machine (generally called vibration plate machines) alone can not get you drastic results in terms of weight loss. Do not expect that by merely standing on a machine, you can instantly get the desired results that you want.

Nonetheless, if you include some exercises, then this device can increase your efforts to lose weight and get you the shape you want. That’s why it is generally a great idea to learn how to work out on a Whole Body Vibration Machine.

Basics Of A Whole Vibration Machine

A Whole Body Vibration Machine is related to, but not the same as, a vibrating belt machine. When they first came out, an assortment of individuals thought they were comparable to those belts that wrap around our midsections, but there are key differences that make Whole Body Vibration Machines the better option.

One of the biggest differences between a Whole BOdy Vibration Machine and a vibration belt is that a Whole Body Vibration Machine can work your entire body. The vibrations can reach up to 30 to 50 shakes per second, which is a very potent force.

For your body to adjust to these motions, each of your muscles must contract and relax so that you can maintain your balance, which is very drastic.

According to most manufacturers of these whole body vibration machines, the constant effort of your body to maintain balance triggers the muscles to work thoroughly. And of course, the more your muscles work, the more weight you can lose. However, as we said earlier, non-static exercises alone will not get your desired you desire.

How To Use A Whole Body Vibration Machine

To fully harness the potential of a Whole Body Vibration Machine, you should learn some complementary exercises. A variety of Whole Body Vibration experts and gym coaches suggest that you do calisthenic exercises while you are standing at this device.

Calisthenic exercises are a set of gross workouts and fitness regimens that do not involve any training equipment. Most of these are rhythmical movements that fall under the category of body-weight training. Some of the most common calisthenics are sit-ups, push-ups, and squats.

If you perform more calisthenic exercises while on a vibration machine, your potential to lose weight increases drastically. According to a study from the European Association for the Study of Obesity on 2009, people that restrict their diet and do calisthenics while on a Whole Body Vibration Machine lose more weight on their abdomen than those who restrict their calorie intake and just do traditional aerobic exercises.

This result is drastic, as excess weight around your midsection can be dangerous. An unregulated abdomen can produce a type of malignant fat called visceral fat. This fat increases the chance for you to acquire heart diseases, diabetes, and other deleterious ailments.

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