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Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Helps Non-Healing Wound Patients At Scenic Mountain Medical Center

If you end up finding yourself in a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, it might be because you are in the final stages of treatment a non-healing chronic wound.

"For patients with diabetes, it rapidly gets the oxygen flowing into the tissues and speeds up recovery," said Dr. Scott Barclay.

Fortunately for the medical center, a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber isn't the only special feature to be added to Scenic Mountain Medical Center.

The Scenic Mountain Medical Center as a whole has been assisting patients recover a lot quicker than they could have ever imagined in the past.

"It can be very challenging and stressful for people, not only them, but also their families, and ability to work sometimes,” Barclay continued.

“It's very gratifying to be a part of our awesome team here and getting people healed up. It works, what we do here works."

Midland Memorial Hospital also has a hyperbaric chamber, but now residents in Big Spring and surrounding communities don’t have to travel to Lubbock, where most patients had gone before for the treatment.

"Sitting with other patients in the lobby, it has really put to the forefront the importance of wound care, for people with diabetes, that have foot injuries or for people who have bed-soars, I think they're making tremendous strides," said wound care patient Shelley Smith.

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