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Losing Weight With The Right Diet & Whole Body Vibration Therapy

The secret to weight loss remains somewhat of a mystery. It would seem that exercising more and eating less would be the golden solution, yet a handful of individuals attempt this technique, year after year, unsuccessfully, as the numbers on the scale do not go down and might even move higher.

Yes, certain diet plans, and intense cardio fat burning exercises do work, but unfortunately, most of the time it’s only temporarily, unless you make it a lifestyle.

According to the CDC, more than one-third (36.5 percent) of adults living in the United States suffer from obesity as well as obesity-related conditions including:

  • Heart disease

  • Stroke

  • Type-2 Diabetes

  • And Certain Types of Cancer

As these numbers continue to grow, the country will continue to spend billions of dollars on medical costs from obesity as a result.

The thing is, you can really lose weight, you just need to get your body back to being healthy. That means turning off the fat-storing hormones and turning on the fat-burning hormones. This can be done by:

  • Cleansing the liver

  • Cleaning out the gut

  • And controlling hormones

What a person eats has a direct correlation to how much they weigh, and nothing makes the scales go up quite like sugar. Sugar is highly addictive and can cause severe health issues, including certain cancers. Furthermore, eating refined sugar triggers the release of insulin, causing the body to generate fewer fat-burning hormones, resulting in the body storing more calories as fat.

White flour, a refined carbohydrate, is also not good for you. These empty calories end up as fat. Eating processed meats, too much dairy and trans-fats can all have a negative effect, in addition to the building up of toxins in our bodies.

And, of course there is caffeine, which unfortunately, stimulates cortisol (a belly fattener and muscle waster).

So, what can you actually eat? Our Whole Body Vibration Experts suggest eating a wide variety of foods such as:

  1. Fresh vegetables

  2. Lean meats and shellfish

  3. Limited grains and dairy

  4. Healthy oils

  5. Raw nuts

  6. Fruits to help catapult the weight loss while the liver becomes clean and healthy

Drinking half your body weight in water is also an essential key to weight loss.

In addition to a healthy menu, our Whole Body Vibration Therapy Specialist usually recommend protein shakes, vitamins and supplements.

Whey protein for example, comes specifically from New Zealand, where cows graze free range. Whey is one of the best ways to get protein into your system. Solutions for whey protein are lactose-free, hormone-free, dairy-free and its texture is extremely fine, not grainy.

Detoxify Your Body

During the journey on this “getting healthy” program, our Whole Body Vibration Therapy Specialist advise that you also spend several days on a detoxification cleanse. Drinking a mixture of distilled water, lemon juice and pure maple syrup will allow the body to rest and heal itself, specifically the digestive system. In addition, the process will also help to reboot the body and kick-start weight loss.

Whole Body Vibration Therapy

Whole Body Vibration Therapy helps to:

  • Burn fat

  • Build strength

  • Improve circulation

  • And decrease stress hormones

It has also been used for physical therapy, professional sports and rehabilitation.

For more health and fitness tips, whole body vibration training ideas, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Updates, and industry news, make sure to follow our blog at:

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