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Learn How Whole Body Vibration Helps Improve Diabetes Control

Overtime, researchers have discovered that a less difficult form of exercise known as whole body vibration may work just as well as regular exercise in helping to control diabetes. In addition, Whole Body Vibration could also benefit people who find it difficult to exercise.

It is said that Whole Body Vibration transmits energy through the body when someone is standing, sitting or lying on a gently vibrating device, causing muscles to contract and relax a handful of times each second.

The effect may be to strengthen and increase muscle mass, improving blood sugar control along with other problems seen in diabetes.

Do take into consideration that exercise is great for everyone, including people with diabetes, researchers at Augusta University in Augusta, Georgia, studied five-week-old male rodents, comparing the effects of whole-body vibration to that of running on a treadmill.

Whole Body Vibration Platforms

  • A cage containing both normal and specially bred obese, diabetic mice was placed on a gently vibrating platform for 20 minutes per day for 12 weeks.

  • Another group of rodents — both diabetic and healthy mice — was trained to run on a treadmill for 45 minutes a day for the same period of time.

  • A third group of diabetic and healthy mice remained sedentary and were used for comparison.

Investigators saw similar health benefits in the diabetic mice that ran on the treadmill and those exposed to whole body vibration platforms.

Biomarker Improvements

McGee-Lawrence stated that mice subjected to whole body vibration and those that ran on the treadmill were both able to:

  • Decrease fat in the liver

  • Improve insulin sensitivity

  • And increase muscle fiber

While there was improvement in the biomarkers of diabetic Whole Body Vibration mice and treadmill mice, they never actually became as healthy as the normal animals did.

During the study, the mice were weighed on weekly basis. Researchers discovered that the diabetic mice subjected to whole body vibration machine and the treadmill gained less weight after the study was over than the sedentary mice.

There was also evidence that whole body vibration might improve the bone strength of diabetics.

Further Studies Are Urged

There are vibrating chairs and beds available on the market today, but McGee-Lawrence warned individuals against beginning a routine of whole body vibration and thinking they are controlling their diabetes.

"We know that some whole body vibration appears to be exceptional for the body, but too much can be a bad thing as well. ‘

‘And in terms of finding ways to apply that [to humans] ... I think we need some more studies to guide us on that so that when folks start doing this, we get the best beneficial effects we can without running the risk of having any potential side effects."

One potential harm of too much vibration, often seen heavy-machine operators, is tissue inflammation.

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