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Hyperbaric Miracles - Veterans Lives Restored with HBOT

Today as we remember those who gave their lives to allow us to enjoy the tremendous freedoms we have in the US, I thought it was the perfect time to share this new Award winning film that reveals some of the amazing benefits of HBOT , in this case, with VETS!

The film Hyperbaric Miracles: Oxygen Under Pressure features testimony of wounded Veterans whose lives were restored with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. I don't like to use the word miracle lightly, but after watching this it's hard to think of a better word.

In a congressional hearing in 2008 Congressman Walter Jones informed America of the most effective treatment for the more than 500,000 U.S. war veterans afflicted with traumatic brain injury (TBI), hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Seven years later U.S. Army veteran and Long Beach City College film student John Salcedo wrote, directed, and produced the latest of his award winning films, Hyperbaric Miracles: Oxygen Under Pressure.

John’s brief documentary features actual combat footage - some of which is graphic - and the personal testimony of two U.S. military veterans with TBI, one of whom had contemplated suicide, whose lives were restored with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

John’s effort was honored with a Bronze Award in the 38th Annual 2017 Telly Awards competition. The prestigious Telly Awards recognize impactful TV, cable, and online commercials, programs, videos and film production. John’s solo achievement is particularly noteworthy because of the more than 12,000 applications from mostly large advertising, television, and cable companies!

See John's film by clicking below:

Military Discount on HBOT

Military Dive Hyperbaric Chamber

As a way to thank those that have served or are currently serving our great nation we are offering a $2,000 discount to anyone with proof of service on the

Summit to Sea: Dive Chamber.

The Dive SAVE $2,000!

  • Providing 4.4 PSI – 1.3 ATA

  • This chamber measures 33" in diameter

  • This is an incredible value measuring 102" long

  • Single bag design made of urethane coated nylon to ensure air tightness and durability

  • Comes with redundant compressors (2) for added safety

  • One auxiliary valve

  • Two viewing windows

  • Four round foam bolsters connected in a cradle

  • Foam mat with rounded bottom included

  • External frame is included with purchase

  • Double vent system for safely achieving a maximum of 4.4 PSI

  • Carrying case

  • Double sided full length zippers for easy entry and exit (can be operated from the inside or the outside of the chamber)

  • High efficiency electric air pumps with patented sound suppression plus in-line air filtration

Normally $7,500

There is one caveat to buying a Hyperbaric Chamber, because these are Medical Devices and regulated by the FDA you need to provide a prescription from a licensed physician in order to purchase. This can come from an M.D. or D.O. or your Chiropractor.

If you would like more information on HBOT, or the Oxygen Concentrator please give us a call at 414-207-4001 or you can email me directly at

Happy Memorial Day,

I hope you are enjoying a tremendous time with your friends and family. I am also sending special prayers to those families who have lost a loved on in defense of the United States of America.

Sending You Positive Vibrations,


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