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Jockey Uses HBOT To Recover From Fall

More and more athletes are using HBOT to speed recovery after an injury. Earlier this month horse jockey Lyle Hewitson took a bad fall from his horse Gitano Giant and suffered a broken collar bone and a mild concussion.

According to the Sporting Post, his good friend and cruiserweight boxer, Kevin Lerena told Lyle that "it’s essential to get medical hyperbaric oxygen treatments" to help aid in his recovery and then went out of his way to help him find treatment as soon as possible.

Lyle Hewiston HBOT Recovery

Lyle selected Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (mHBOT) the same chambers that we now offer for sale at Vibratrim. He is also using the the AirSep oxygen concentrator that exact one we now carry. Due to the lower ATA, mHBOT is considered a safer version of HBOT, as compared to the large hard shell chambers used at most hospitals, as it is particularly useful for sports injuries.

According to the Sporting Post Lyle has been posting pictures of the process on social media and explains how it works. “My unit is relatively small, probably just a little bit longer than a single bed. The hardest part is equalizing while you’re going under pressure and I have you keep popping my ears. I’m usually in for 2 hours at a time, so I sleep for the first hour and then watch race replays for the second hour. I use the time to just relax, which is really cool.”

Read the full article in the Sporting Post here:

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