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For the Love of Tea!

I first fell in love with tea when I decided to NOT go to Medical School - and instead of becoming a doctor bought a Chinese Restaurant. A decade or so later I started teaching tea classes while I was the Managing Partner of Zingerman’s Deli in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Then I had the privilege to serve for 4 years as the Chief Operating Officer of Rishi Tea, an organic loose-leaf tea company based here in Milwaukee - actually the whole reason I moved here in the first place!

So in a very real way tea plays a big part in the history of Vibratrim, as without it we wouldn’t be located here now. I have longed to get back into the tea business since leaving Rishi Tea 5 years ago. I appreciate the energy from tea as coffee wasn't working for me any more, getting me all jacked up, I'd get a boost from the caffeine, but be ready for a nap a few hours later. Tea on the other hand gave me great, sustained energy throughout the whole day and the variety of flavors is almost endless, especially if you include herbal teas!

Did you know that tea is the most consumed beverage on the planet, second only to water! Meaning that nearly every culture has some sort of tea "ceremony". Combining my love of travel - like the trip to Yunnan, China pictured below - and my love of different cultures - aka ceremonies - with food and my passion for tea, the dream of a new tea business has been kept alive and well. However, launching a new business of any type can be overwhelming and starting a tea company has even more complications and nuances than most, especially when you are already in the vibration business!

So it was a wonderful and serendipitous event last summer when I was introduced to Aaron Stair, through a mutual friend who is also in the tea business in Japan. Aaron lives in Hong Kong, having grown up in the US, he moved to China about 10 years ago and spent several years in the auto industry before working with Patagonia (one of my favorite company’s from a quality and a sustainability standpoint).

Aaron had been working for several years to create the exact type of tea business I was getting ready to start from scratch! Instead of competing with each other we decided to join forces! We then spent many months on very late night, or early morning Skype sessions, me in Milwaukee and Aaron in Hong Kong designing the strategy and philosophy for this new tea business and how to launch it in the US.

Announcing the birth of BASAO Tea – a totally different kind of Tea Company.

Below is a not-so-good picture of Aaron with Ahua, one of our tea-makers in Hangzhou, China. The glare from the sun can't diminish the fun and energy evidenced in their smiles! Ahua makes our Long Jin, or Dragon Well, Green Tea. Available soon :)

We are thrilled to announce that those late night Skype sessions have finally paid off and we are now ready for prime time, almost. BASAO teas have not been released to the public yet as I wanted to offer them to you, as part of the Vibratrim family, first before we begin to sell them to the rest of the world.

And just in time for Mother's Day, too!

BASAO teas will not be available at the grocery store or your local co-op. Our goal is to sell direct to tea drinkers. To create a direct connection from the producers to the consumers and to build communities around the world that are connected to each other through the bounty of the earth.

Each tea is very carefully sourced - more on our agricultural philosophy in the link below. Each tin has a commissioned art piece that is created for each tea!

To introduce BASAO Tea to the US, we have curated a very special gift set with two amazing black teas one from Darjeeling, India and one from Taiwan. Click the link below to see a short intro video to the gift sets followed by stunningly beautiful videos for each tea highlighting their unique art, beauty and origin.

I’d be honored if you’d take a few minutes to check it out!

We will be launching these to the general public soon, but for now there is a very limited supply of these special gift sets available for the Vibratrim family!

Order today to be sure Mom gets it in time for Mother's Day - this SUNDAY!

Mom will love it.

As always,

Sending You Positive Vibrations,


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