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The Power of A Cold Shower

I have recently begun to take cold showers. Like really cold showers! I have been reading about the benefits of cold showers, or cold therapy in general, for a while and I have even dabbled with cold water for a few seconds at the end of a warm shower. But there is a big difference between a few seconds and a few minutes of cold water.

The first thing I had to overcome was panic! It's really not something that comes naturally, the idea of subjecting yourself to cold...intentionally. However, the cold is a very powerful force. As Wim Hof says “the cold is your warm friend!"

Wim Hof is the founder of the Wim Hof Method, if you aren't familiar with it, is a method that combines specific breathing techniques, cold exposure and mind-set techniques, coupled with physical exercises. It's a natural method to improve health and well-being.

One of my favorite aspects of the Wim Hof Method is that the exercises and techniques are all natural and free! Their mission is to empower people, to raise consciousness and to give people tools through a natural method to show them that they can do more than what they think they could to become strong, happy and healthy.

If you do a YouTube search on the Wim Hof Method you'll be amazed by the stories and the results that people are having all around the world. I am not affiliated with Wim Hof or the Wim Hof Method in any way. I am simply passionate about helping to share tools and resources like this that help us all live happier, healthier and longer lives to be able to spend as much time with our loved ones as possible!

Since I have committed to starting my days with cold showers I have already seen a few changes in my own physiology after only a few days and I am gradually increasing the amount of time I am staying in the cold water. I have more energy throughout the day, my skin is starting to look better too. Try it and see what sort of changes you start to see in your life, too.

Before you get started here's a few things to consider. If you're anything like me you've probably spent most of your life taking hot showers, so just suddenly turning off the hot water and standing under ice cold water can be a big shock to the system! When I first tried it I went "cold" turkey and I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest if I didn't hyperventilate first!

Too much, too soon.

My suggestion - based on shocking personal experience : ) - is to gradually decrease the temp of the water so your body can adjust. And then slowly increase the time that you spend in the cold water. I am up to one minute a day after starting a week ago with 10 seconds. My goal is to eliminate the hot water altogether in the future.

Word to the wise - some people with certain conditions should avoid cold showers because of the shock to the body’s system. If you have the following conditions, then a membership in the Polar Bear Club might not be in your best interest.

  • Heart disease. If my normal, healthy heart felt like it was about to explode, imagine how a diseased heart will feel.

  • Overheated or feverish. Your blood vessels need to dilate in order to release heat. Cold water causes them to constrict.

  • High blood pressure. The contraction in your blood vessels caused by cold water could cause a stroke. Apparently. ***

*** However - and I don't recommend this - but in full disclosure, part of why I am doing this is because I have high blood pressure, so high in fact that my doctor wants me to go on blood pressure medication, but I am committed to doing everything in my power to keep my money out of the hands of big pharma so I am exploring this as a very viable option for me. I will keep you posted on this drug free approach!

If you are looking for a cheap and easy way to get a boost in your health , consider the power of a cold shower. It really can change your life. Come to think of it - you could probably even live without a water heater eventually :)

Sending you positive vibrations,


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