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Strong Bones Without Drugs

For the last few months I have been obsessed with Osteoporosis for personal reasons. I used to think Osteoporosis was for old people, then I turned 50 and realized I AM OLD PEOPLE! So I started paying more attention to this preventable disease.

Many of the questions we get from owners of the Vibratrim centers around, “what exactly DO I do with the machine?”

I’ve spent countless hours researching how to find a natural cure to Osteoporosis using our vibration plates. About the same time I was contacted by one of our customers who over the course of 32 months was able to increase the bone density in her spine by 28% and in her hips by nearly 14%, reversing her osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Thus the Osteoblaster program was born. Using a combination of whole body vibration sessions and a bone nurturing supplement - our advanced, professional grade, plant-sourced calcium and bone building formula - I am convinced you will have the best chance of living a vibrant life for years to come.

As our gift to you, we want to give you the first Session in the Osteoblaster Sessions. This session offers you a 10 minute workout that you can do on your Vibratrim twice a day, specifically designed to increase bone density.

But, before we give you this Session, I want to walk you through some foundations so you can make the most out of your machine. In today’s video, I’ll cover:

  • The Foundation of the Osteoblaster Program

  • The Five Pillars of the Osteoblaster Vibration Sessions

  • The Importance of Wolff’s Law

  • What Should I Wear?

  • The Importance of Mindset

  • The 10 Essential Elements of a Successful Vibration Session

Click the video above to watch today and in a few days I’ll be posting Osteoblaster Session 1. In Osteoblaster Session 1 I’ll show you EXACTLY what to do on your machine. All you’ll have to do is press play and follow along.

For today, let’s cover some basics first.

To building health for years to come,


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