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All Machines Come With Our Industry Leading 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

You get busy, life happens, we get that.  How can you tell if you like something in 30 days?  That's why we give you a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!  We are so confident you will love your new machine.  Below are some testimonials.


All-Steel Construction

frame is made of steal for many years of vibration use

Dual Motors

oscillation, spiral, and triplanar

60 Speed Settings

dual control panels, easy to read LCD screen display

Remote Control

start your machine or change speed in any position

Arm Straps

Great for upper body workouts

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All-Steel Construction

provides superior strength, safety, and life-long durability

Durable Mat Material

Cellerciser Bi-Fold

folds in half for easy storage

Easily Transport

in its accompanying carrying case

Its Triple-Tiered Springs

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Reduce Stress

Stress causes tension, tension restricts circulation. Prolonged stress impairs body functions affecting circulation to your brain, eyes, legs, arms and extremities, and causes blockages in internal organs. Immune system and lymphatic circulation weaken. The greater the stress, the worse our circulation and the more susceptible we are to illness. Movement massages the body, cells, organs, bones, ligaments and connective tissue, reducing stress levels and creating balance.

Improve Flexibility

Flexibility is typically achieved by stretching. Cells are massaged, tension melts away, circulation and flexibility are increased without stretching. As cell membranes become more flexible, so do all body parts.

Improve Cardiovascular System

Aerobic exercise improves cardiovascular fitness and provides more oxygen to the body. For 10 minutes a day, you can increase cardiopulmonary circulation to every cell in your body faster and more efficiently.

Tone The Body

Isometric exercise tones the body. Specific cells resist “G-Forces” when the angle of the body is changed. Internal organs lift as connective tissue gets stronger. The muscles tone, collagen strengthens and skin gets firmer.

Save Time

Cellercise accomplishes better results for your entire body without tearing down the body. Its vertical movement in a repetitive up and down motion flexes all 75 trillion cells at the same time and requires only 10 minutes a day!

Maximize Immune System & Lymphatic Circulation

A one-minute sprint on a Cellerciser can increase the circulation of white blood cells 10 to 15 times. It’s like giving yourself a natural antibiotic every morning.

Build Muscle and Bone Density

Isotonic exercise builds muscle mass and bone density.

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I have been using a “Cellerciser” for three years. It is truly a wonderful invention. By using the Cellerciser I have greatly improved my cardio-vascular function and overall physical health. I only work out for 8-10 minutes each morning. I high recommend this form of exercise for anyone interested in improving their health.


This easy to use piece exercise equipment is for those who are out of condition or can only do only minimal movement or exercise, such as those with arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, or any type of chronic pain or condition. It can easily be used by seniors as well. Those lucky souls who are in good condition, but who want to become even more fit with an easy, fun and extremely low impact program that works every part of the body with minimal effort.


We Stand Behind What We Sell!  All Machines Are Warrantied For An Unmatched 3 Full Years.

We are proud to have been in business for over 11 Years, so you can count on us to be around, in the unlikely event that things happen.  If anything goes wrong with your machine we will simply replace it at No Cost of your own.  We send to you before you send to us!

VibraTrim Is Proud Of Our A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau

We have a long standing relationship with the Better Business Bureau for many years.  

What's Included?

  • FREE Shipping
  • 1 Hour Exercise DVD
  • Large Exercise Poster
  • 88 Page Exercise Manual
  • Static Arm Straps
  • Free Over the Phone Consultation
  • YouTube Exercise Videos​
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