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What Makes The Tea Inside The Beautiful Tins So Special?

We understand, cooperate, or even in a few cases, take care of the agriculture for our partners.  We are oriented by efforts to increasingly build what could be called a “life-based” model of agriculture as opposed to a “death-based” model. By this we mean the primary focus is on restoring and maintaining life. We have chosen to emulate the natural process of succession in ecology with confidence that these practices are restorative because they are based on replicating healthy natural systems.


The “death based” model usually eliminates more than it creates. Industrial synthetic chemical models of agriculture are founded on creating cyclical patterns with the need for larger biology/people to regularly add fertility to soils and, in almost all cases, the need for the use of synthetic pesticides. It creates a condition where eliminating a few pests with insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc. At the same time destroys all other life fundamental to healthy ecology and consequentially sterilizes and toxifies the environment.


Bluntly stated, in a theoretical sense, it ends up being a type of ecological genocide wherein the successful growth of the few is dependent upon the death of the many.

And What's Up With The Videos ?


It’s all about connections and communities.  We have a brilliant opportunity with tea to talk about the whole story of its life, from sun and soil, to people enjoying great teas wherever they may be. One of the things we want to achieve is to increasingly help articulate and recognize the identity of the people and places that create our teas. Tea can often be considered a commodity, in the sense that it is nameless and faceless in the same way as products such as copper or crude oil.


We believe that tea is a craft and an art and we want to recognize the stories behind each tea that we produce. The reaction to the origin films has been great so far. We think people are becoming more and more interested in the social aspects of products and experiences as we all realize it’s important for the world’s future direction.

Limited Supply -

There are a very limited number of these special gift sets available for me to sell to the Vibratrim family, so be sure to order yours today, when these gift sets are gone, they're gone!

For only $75 total you'll get:

  • One Tin of the Lingia First Flush Tea from Darjeeling India

  • One Tin of the Seaside Honey from Taiwan

  • One Hand Made Tea Cup from Japan

  • Beautiful Gift Packaging

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And A Personalized Handwritten Gift Message on BASAO Stationary.

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